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April 2nd, 2009, 11:44 am - Author Guidelines [And Author Update 11/8/11!!]

Let's start with some simple ground rules.

1) If you want to be an author here, you have to keep it serious. We're not saying extremely serious, but to the extent where we're not dependent on stupid running gags about pie, or something like that.
2) When sending in your character info and sprite sheet, give some detail about your character. If there is no info about the character, you will be rejected.
3) Recolours are not allowed unless the character in question would like to be confined to the noob area. If you're not good at spriting, ask someone else to make you some sprites.
4) Try and keep it clean, we're going for a PG-13 rating here.
5) Try and use your best spelling, not that it's a big issue. Refrain from using chatspeak at all costs in a strip unless there is a "noob" character or the chatspeak is part of your character's nature.
6) Have fun.

PS. Remember to check how many author spaces are left before PMing me (LM). If there are none left, I will PM you back telling you so.

As of 20/8/09, the following are authors of SJMMO:
[Author (Character)]
LaMoop (Leo)
Proto165 (Proto)
Eternal Cry (Zera)
Martin Prower (Rosaila)
Haru_The_Angel (Rosaline)
Yamigo1000 (Havoc)
Phoenix of Chaos (Phoenix)
Jake and Djoing both left the comic.

I know the post is a bit anal, but someone had to do something around here..


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