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[Posted by LaMoop on July 26th, 2010, 4:33 pm]

Okay, now we have a problem here, and I'm gonna need you guys to help me out.
We have one space left. And 4 people wanting to get in.

I'm going to post their applications below, and you guys comment with the name of the person you want in the comic. Capice?


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Jake E. Fisher [Posted by LaMoop on July 26th, 2010, 4:36 pm]

This is the type of comic Ive always wanted to join.I'm glad I made it before all the spaces were filled up too.I'm hoping this is the kind of comic I think it is and that it will be around for a long time and not overrun by noobs who stop updating after a while.

my character is Jake the Wolf.he is a fighter type who will spend all of his stat points on close combat abilities (especially strength)he is a nice and helpful person who likes thrills.

I wrote a full bio but it will need some tweaking to match the rules of this MMO whatever they are.anyway here's the bio

Jake Bio

Jake’s sprites: http://randomshowcase.smackjeeves.com/comics/889004/jake-the-wolf-full-sheet-jake-fisher/

Jake's abilities
he is super strong and he has a very durable body(but it still hurts). He has survived explosions, fire, being crushed, and pretty much every painful and/or deadly thing you can think of .he is a good fighter and a hunter. he trains in the wild everyday and will train as hard as he can to beat someone he’s lost to. he will not give up so easily. he is a sharpshooter and he knows some secret martial arts techniques like his lightning redirection. he also has the ability to activate his dieing will were he will keep fighting as long as his body can and he wont stop until he’s been killed or injured to the point he cant move (this is only his eyes turning red).he doesn't like using this because its dangerous but he will use it if he thinks he has a chance at winning or its a last resort. He can absorb anger and chaos(if someone near him has a furious mode it wont work). It will just make Jake mad (chaos powers and emeralds don't work on him(he absorbs them into anger too). Jake is stronger when he’s mad. Unlike lots of other characters Jake doesn’t have a battle power(other than his super strength) so he uses special weapons that give him abilities such as
1. The spark gloves-like lightning rods. Can control and redirect lightning.
2. Sash of life-makes it easier for Jake to hang on to life.
4. Twin pistols- they shoot stuff

Weaknesses: Jake won’t kill the innocent and he can’t swim

bio of Jake: Jake likes a challenge and is clever when it comes to fighting. he is a nice person and likes to joke around sometimes. Jake does not give up easy and doesn't like losing but if he does lose he will train hard for a while and soon ask for a rematch against the one who beat him. he also doesn't like being restrained. Jake likes to get stronger. he is sort of a hero type and thinks he has to be the hero at times but not in an arrogant way. Jake cant be intimidated easily. He is known for his bravery and is a thrill seeker. Jake is proud of his strength and loves to test it. When he thinks he’s not strong enough he trains and tries to find ways of getting stronger. Jake doesn’t like it when people cheat to win a fight. Jake's not afraid to eat something that's about to eat him.to him its "if its not anthro and it cant talk then its not cannibalism" he likes hunting for food. Especially when the food tries to eat him.

Likes: Fights, strong fighters, meat, action, female rabbits, nice people, training, friendly non anthropomorphic animals.

Dislikes: arrogance, evil, killing, water, Wrath the Demon, being underestimated, losing, being called weak, and feeling weak.


Awesomeness189 [Posted by LaMoop on July 26th, 2010, 4:37 pm]

I see now that that character i sent in with that application is fugly,
so i would like to use these sprites.
Name: J.D.
Gender: MALE
Personality: Easy going, only serious when needed.
Activities done for fun: Hiding in his box, popping out at people to scare them.


Chaos the Hedgehog4444 [Posted by LaMoop on July 26th, 2010, 4:39 pm]

I would like to apply for te last spot. I will be using my charactor Eclipse The Hedgehog


Eclipse was created by an evil organization called Eternal Eclipse (EE) to replace the god they worshiped in their master world domination plan. He controls fire, ice, and chaos powers. He gains energy and power from those that he kills, and he has the power to create what could beseen as an eternal eclipse. He was first created in an online game, and trial runned... He was defeated, and split in two, a version that was evil, like the one in the game, who was brung into the real world. The half turned into an Anti-hero, but was stuck to surf the web, trying to find a way out. The evil, non-computer one ha tryed, and lost many times at taking ver the world, and has decided to take a break by conquering an online game. I will eventually make him hack in a lat dich efort to take over the game, but till then, he will collect power, and level up, while trying evil shemes to make himself the strongest. In the game when he defeats someone in battle, he'll heal abit, geat a little bit stronger (Even if he didn't level up, altugh it will be small at first,and barly noticable, like 10 kills equals +1 to all stats, and as he gets stronger, said number will increase), and if they know a fire, ice, or chaos move that he doesn't, he'll learn it


yugi67 [Posted by LaMoop on July 26th, 2010, 4:40 pm]

Hi, I'm a fan of this comic and wanted to see if I could join, so here's my character info.

Name: Dylan

Sprites: http://img837.imageshack.us/img837/8923/realmestructured.png (ignore the party hat guy in the Alternate Costumes, I converted this from my friend's sprite sheet and couldn't come up with another alternate costume0

Bio: A weapons master that enjoys what he does, blowing crap up. He has a very upbeat attitude and loves a good battle. He has no skills besides his weapons. He keeps a level head and stays in a good mood, except when he comes across a challenge where he spends hours trying to get past or encounters a moder where he tends to get pissed off. He also will lend a helping hand to those who need it, and doesn't mind receiving help himself.

Spectator Comments

I saaaaay [Posted by Haru_The_Angel on July 26th, 2010, 4:45 pm]

either JakeFisher or yugi67, but I'm leaning towards Jake.


[Posted by Yamigo1000 on July 26th, 2010, 4:58 pm]

Everyone pretty much needs to edit their bios to match the comic, and to use our profiles as a reference. I'm in good favor of Jake's since his was very detailed, but Eclipse would be make a good antagonist for the series, but still, I say he should work on his sprites a bit more, but that's just me. I still say we should wait for a little while, maybe a till Saturday, or next Monday...


[Posted by LaMoop on July 26th, 2010, 5:03 pm]

I've just realised I've been a complete dip and put up Awesomeness' old sprites and info. I'm amending the comment to acommodate the new sprites and info, though they're not exactly substantial either..


[Posted by plokman on July 26th, 2010, 5:29 pm]

Jake or Yugi.


[Posted by Eternal Cry on July 26th, 2010, 6:02 pm]


I like Yugi, but he godmods a LOT.


[Posted by Martin Prower on July 26th, 2010, 6:04 pm]

I vote for Jake as I'd just like the chance to work with him
And against Yugi cause I know him and he can get kinda pissy when not getting his way


[Posted by Djoing on July 26th, 2010, 6:14 pm]

Jake. Seems to be the better spriter.


[Posted by Proto165 on July 26th, 2010, 8:22 pm]

Read through the bios and also looked at the sprites.

I also think it's a toss up between Yugi and Jake.

Jake's profile is very descriptive, which to me shows more interest than just "here's my sprites, pick me please". His sprites are also good, with a bunch of poses.

Yugi also has some good sprites. I especially like the range of emotions he's put up. Not to mention HES WEARING PROTOMAN SHADES....
...Anyways, from what I've read from the other authors who seem to know him though, he doesn't sound like a team player, which is key in a collab.

In the end, Jake gets my vote despite me liking Yugi's sprites better (sometimes I think I just dont like sonic style sprites...)


[Posted by Jake E. Fisher on August 20th, 2010, 9:41 am]



[Posted by yugi67 on July 26th, 2012, 6:02 pm]

Wow, that application is OLD. I don't even use those sprites anymore


[Posted by Martin Prower on July 27th, 2012, 4:51 am]

We've been so inactive that this page actually went live...
I've fixed it now but perhaps we should actually do something?

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